Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Have To Show You: Sweet Corn

I have to show you what was going on in my kitchen last weekend.......


Is there anything more beautiful than pictures of fresh produce?

Okay, maybe there is....pictures of babies, flowers, CAKE, and family.

Since I'm going to be talking about corn, I have got to show you the thief I caught in action in my back yard.

Squirrels love corn.....

I found this little guy hanging up-side down by his back feet on my bird feeder. And I mean literally hanging by his back feet. If his tail wasn't in the way you could see how he is hanging on. But you can tell that his legs are pretty much stretched to the max.

Then while he was hanging, he would twist his body around to get a mouth full of corn and sunflower seeds. Pretty smart squirrel right there.

Another gorgeous picture of fresh corn.

Yes, I spent part of my weekend freezing corn.

I had a Facebook fan ask me how I go about preserving my corn. Since one person asked, I thought I would share the process with all of you.
Good information to know, right?

This is the way I do it:

I boil it like I'm going to eat it. Bring it to a boil, cover, and simmer for 10 minutes.

Then I take the ears out of the simmering water with tongs and place them in a sink full of cold water.

These are the tools I use....A large sharp knife (used to belong to my mom for cutting corn), and a cutting board placed in a jelly roll pan.

Since my cutting board is in a pan with edges, I can just keep cutting and cutting while pushing the cut corn off to the sides.
Then when my pan is full, I remove the cutting board from under the corn. I break up the corn with my hands and add some water if it seems dry.

Oh, before I forget, I have to tell you about my freezing corn experience when I was little. My cousins' family and my family would get together during the harvest season and preserve our food.
Well, we were too little to use sharp knives, so our job, as a kid, was to husk. When the husking was all done we got to play. While our moms were cutting corn, us kids would run through the kitchen while snagging a long slice of corn on our way through. We kind of turned it into a game to see who could get the longest piece. I do remember eating so much corn that I would get a belly ache before the day was over.

Now freezing corn as an adult.....I only sneak a few slices.

After the corn is broken up, and water added, just fill your bags. Easy peasy.....

I ended up with three 1 quart sized bags.

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."
Genesis 1:27

We have been seeking expression on the world's greatest mystery - the mystery of what is man. I am sure I am not alone when I say, "I'm sure you recognize that the root of all our troubles, both internationally and individually, is our own content in this matter." No one knows what man is intended to be. Sometimes we are blind to our own purposes, and almost totally unknowing of why we are here upon the earth. Maybe it's because we have lost our sense of direction, we are involved in amazingly complex problems, and we are making the most terrible fumbles, both individually and internationally. As Christians, it is important that we know what we were meant to be, and what, in Christ, we actually can be.
How would you react if you came across a cage with signs saying, "The most dangerous animal in the world", and when you step in front of the cage there is only a mirror with the image of yourself looking back? So, how do we live? What is our purpose?
"I am the bread of life," said Jesus (John 6:35). "He that eats of me shall never hunger." He will never walk in darkness, will never be at a loss to know what is the next step to take to solve the problems with which he is confronted, will not be left wandering blindly through a mysterious universe whose forces he does not understand, but he will know where he is going and what he is doing, and how to do it. What do you think? Do you think that's the answer? The Son of God has given us an understanding.


  1. I think the same squirrel visits our bird feeders here too! Way to go with the corn, I know it's good in the winter!

  2. Fresh corn in the summer is one of my favorite things! I had no idea you could preserve corn, I cannot wait to try this! Thanks for the great tip!

  3. Fabulous tips! I had no idea you could preserve corn..... now I better keep this in mind for next year!



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