Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Product Testing Tuesday: Oreo

Here is a little bit of information for you.

Mark your calendars!!

March 6th is the Oreo anniversary. March 6, 1912 is when Oreos first hit the public shelves.

On March 6th of every year give a child an Oreo, or better yet, treat yourself to some Oreos....It is a Holiday!!, and a tasty one at that. You can eat as many Oreos as you want to on this day.

Get out your calendar, grab a pen, and write this down. That way when you transfer your important dates to the new year calendar you won't miss it.

Nabisco has lost the information on where the name Oreo came from, but they do know who their very first purchase belongs to. S.C. Thuesen was the first person to purchase a package of Oreos. Was he the first to taste one? Who knows? I would say the tasting belongs to Nabisco labs. How can you work in a cookie factory and not taste the products??

In 1975 the Double Stuf Oreo was introduced.
1987 - Fudge Covered Oreos
1991 - Halloween Oreos
1995 - Christmas Oreos

It is hard to keep up with all the changes that Nabisco introduced with the Oreo cookie, and many of their products have been discontinued, but I do know the Heads or Tails Double Stuff was introduced in 2010 (I'm so smart, the package says NEW, duh...).

Did you see that? DOUBLE STUF!!

Keep the double stuf coming Nabisco. I am loving it!!

Here is something interesting. Do you know how Nabisco formed its name?

In 1898 several baking companies merged to form the National Biscuit Company. See, merging was a good business move even in the late 1800's.

But anyway, the National Biscuit Company formed the name Na-Bis-Co.

The Nabisco Company started with the Barnum's Animal Cookies. They became famous for their package.

Sweet vanilla animal cookies sold in little boxes designed to look like a cage for the animals. Genius!!

The boxes were also designed with a string, which I thought the string was for little kids to hang onto them easily (I remember carrying around my box of animal cookies by holding the string).

Actually, the string was designed so the boxes of cookies could be hung on Christmas trees.

Can you imagine getting up Christmas morning (as a child) and seeing tons of animal cookie boxes hanging on the tree? Oh the joys of childhood. The simple things kept us entertained.

The resealable bag is a huge improvment too. Do you remember the old style bags? You would try to very carefully open one end, and then as you gently pull, one whole side would rip right down the middle, UGH!!.
Also, to keep the old style bag cookies fresh you would have to store them in a big zipper bag.
The press and seal package for Oreos is great.
The newest product Oreo (Heads or Tails)(Double Stuf) has been tested in my household.
The test results: AWESOME!!
Especially since they are double stuffed. OK, I favor the filling, what can I say?
The golden vanilla cookie and the chocolate cookie go perfect together. What a team!!
And a HIGH-FIVE goes out to Nabisco....

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